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Industry Updates15.05.2018

By Capital Partners

Do Your Values Drive Your Decisions?

In the bigger scheme of things money is really not that important. Rather, it is an enabler that allows us to do the things that are important to us and make us happy. Values are the qualities and principles intrinsically valuable and desirable to you – in other words, life’s emotional pay-offs.

Our values provide our day-to-day operating context. By basing our decisions on our values we considerably increase the likelihood that the successes we achieve will be profoundly satisfying.

Walt Disney’s brother Roy once said, “When your values are clear, your decisions are easy”. His premise was that having values clarity helps us make better decisions.

Money can be a touchy subject and it is rare among families and friends to have anything other than superficial conversations about it. And yet having really meaningful conversations about the role money plays in your life is an excellent starting point to good decision- making. By identifying the emotional pay-offs that really motivate you, you create the chemistry that is needed to move forward in a positive way.

For couples and families there is a real need for everyone to be on  the same page. By investing time in creating this values foundation you give yourself the best opportunity to achieve satisfying outcomes. This is not to say a couple’s values need to be identical. While there will be shared values there will also be differences, and understanding these differences ahead of time will help us understand and respect our partner when there is a difference of opinion. Failure to gain this understanding can result in conflict arising when family members’ priorities drift apart.

We have a wonderful resource available as a download, which can help you identify which values drive your decisions. This simple exercise can really help you reflect on what is important to you.

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Art Buchwald