Vale John Bogle

Vale John Bogle

Many of our readers may never have heard of John Bogle, and yet he was one of the most important figures in the investment industry over the past 50 years. For investment industry insiders he is the father of modern index funds. He died last week aged 89.

Bogle was the founder and CEO of Vanguard Investments, now the largest fund company managing nearly A$6.8 trillion. To put his contribution … more

Welcome to 2019

It seems that 2019 has started in a purposeful way for many people. Often in January it is hard to find anyone back at work before the Australia Day weekend – but this year we have started back with a bang.

We’re all looking forward to a year of personal and professional growth, and one where we help our clients solve problems and achieve goals.  Last year was an amazing … more

Health benefits of the great outdoors 


Despite our intrepid image, Australia is an incredibly urbanised country by world standards, with almost 90% of our population living in or around cities.1 The impact of this cosmopolitan living is a proclivity for the indoors, often resulting in sedentary lifestyles, which can augment rates of stress, depression and obesity. The antidote to all this is simple: get outdoors more often. Your body and mind will thank you for … more

What’s your magic number?

By Damon Sugden

Damon Sugden squareAccording to a recent survey 1,  Australians tend to underestimate the amount of money needed in our retirement years by as much as 20%.

Survey respondents, including active Australian investors, revealed a disconnect between income amounts believed to be needed in retirement, versus their real cost of living. Pre-retiree Australians foresee their base line living expenses will consume up to 40% of their retirement income, whilst … more

Smart Investor | December 2018

Research, Trends, Topics and Asset Class Returns for Long-term Investors.

The 70-20-10 Rule for Investing

By David Andrew | Accredited Investment Fiduciary

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what investors should expect from financial markets and how to deal with the inevitable emotions that come from volatility and downturns in markets.

Over the past two months we have seen markets jittery once again, with the S&P/ASX300 retreating by -6.18% … more

Reflections on 2018

By David Andrew
Accredited Investment Fiduciary


Succession Update

During the year we welcomed seven new shareholders into the firm. This ownership program establishes continuity of ownership across the generations as we enter our 20th Anniversary year.

As founders, we believe it is important to ensure our future as a firm is certain,  so that families can rely on us being there for them in the future.  As … more

When markets tumble – who should be concerned? 

By David Andrew

When markets tumble as they inevitably do from time to time – we always wake to a headline like the one in last Wednesday’s Australian newspaper.  Designed to shake you to your boots, we are left pondering the impact on our own investment fortunes. We’re only human after all.  

For those who don’t work in financial markets, a severe market down turn is really the only timemore

Investment Committee Update 

The past few months have been busy for the Investment Committee at Capital Partners and we have a number of important projects under way.

At the moment we are reviewing our asset allocation positions and in particular the weightings we hold in Australian versus international shares.

We are also coming up to the 15th anniversary of the implementation of our first Asset Class portfolios.  Very few financial planning firms have … more

What is a Fiduciary and where do I find one?

This article discusses some of the findings of the Royal Commission and introduces the concept of a Fiduciary adviser.

It seems that choosing a financial planner is one of the more difficult things to do in life these days, if the findings of the Royal Commission are to be believed. And yet for many Australians, they simply wouldn’t or perhaps couldn’t, approach retirement planning and other important life decisions without … more

Looking to the Future


Capital Partners Succession Group - Copy

Capital Partners New Principals
(Left to right)  Kathryn Creasy, Rakesh Shah, Michael Hayward, James McLeod, Charmaine Lamprecht, Steven Boyce and John Ryan


For over two years now, we have been working towards the implementation of a succession plan that will welcome a new generation of owners at Capital Partners.

Next year marks our 20th anniversary, and with all of our founding principals in their 50’s, it makes sense … more

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