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Investment Committee Update 

Capital Partners Investment Committee: David Andrew, Graham Lennon, Michael Matthews

The past few months have been busy for the Investment Committee at Capital Partners and we have a number of important projects under way.

At the moment we are reviewing our asset allocation positions and in particular the weightings we hold in Australian versus international shares.

We are also coming up to the 15th anniversary of the implementation of our first Asset Class portfolios.  Very few financial planning firms have a 15 year investment track record and it has been very interesting to review the data and consider the long term results.  We will be releasing a paper on this early in the new year.

We are also delighted to welcome Graham Lennon to our Investment Committee.  Graham commenced life as an engineer but was soon drawn into the world of investing.

Until two years ago Graham was a senior vice president with Dimensional Fund Advisors.  Graham was a member of DFA’s global investment policy committee, which comprised their most senior investment staff globally, as well as three leading academics – Kenneth French and Nobel Laureates Eugene Fama and Robert Merton.

As a Senior Portfolio Manager, Graham oversaw the design, implementation and refinement of investment strategies, working closely with the firm’s investment and research teams as well as with external academics.  As head of international portfolio management he was responsible for all non-US assets valued at over $150 Billion, across Australia, the UK and Asia.

We are very fortunate to have Graham on our investment team as we continue to improve our investment and fiduciary capabilities.

373 total views, 7 views today

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