Estate Planning

Your Estate Plan provides the legal guidebook to the distribution of your estate and the protection of your assets. We will lead you through a conversation about control, equity and fairness so that you pass the baton in a planned and orderly way. Along the way we will discuss questions like:

  • Who should take control of my affairs after me?
  • Is wealth to remain in your bloodline?
  • When and how will my heirs take control of assets?
  • What kind of trusts should I include in my estate plan?
  • Is my Estate Plan tax effective?

We will then ensure your Estate Plan is documented by a lawyer with the right skills commensurate with the complexity of your affairs. Into the future, we will review the legal documents from time to time, ensuring that your Estate Plan remains consistent with your wishes.

As part of this process we will also discuss attorney and guardianship powers, and health directives to ensure that loss of the legal capacity does not stop your affairs being attended to appropriately.

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