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Protecting what is important to you.

A key aspect of legacy planning is taking the time to consider the risks you face.

The loss or illness of a key financial contributor can place the achievement of your goals in jeopardy, and place family and business interests at risk. By having a contingency plan for the worst outcomes, you can have peace of mind that no matter what hand you are dealt in life, your family and business interests are well protected.



Our health and time are the most precious commodities we have, let’s protect them.

The untimely death or long-term illness for anyone in their prime of life, creates a set of challenges most of us hope we will never have to face. While insurance will never take away the pain of loss or long term illness, it can resolve much of the financial stress.



Human capital is the most valuable asset most businesses have.

Businesses thrive as a result of the hard work and ingenuity of their founders and owners, yet we rarely place the right value on the important human capital we have in our business.  Choose clarity and control for the future of your business.


risk-tickCase Studies

Every case we work on is unique to the circumstances of each person.

Over the years we have had the privilege of helping people in what is easily the worst time of their life. It is so important to have this advice support at this time. To negotiate the paperwork and handle the claim whilst you focus on your health and family.


Ensuring that life’s unfortunate events don’t undermine financial security.

Serena West is the Principal of Capital Partners Risk Insurance Advisers and her skills provide certainty and clarity around outcomes ensuring that life’s unfortunate health events don’t undermine financial security. Managing unforeseen risks is a key strategic issue facing business owners, medical and legal professionals and senior executives.

Using a consultative approach Serena is able to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and implement comprehensive solutions. As a Risk Management expert, she is able to secure terms and conditions for policies from the entire Australian insurance market.

Serena is passionate about helping others create financial security. Having managed and assisted many claims, Serena plays a crucial role in managing the claim process; assisting to have claims paid. At a time of illness or grief, you do not want to have further matters to contend with; our claims management advocacy insulates you and your family from this process and allows you to focus on the things that matter to you.

Serena’s personal and business goal is to protect her clients and assist them when they need help.

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2017 Serena West

Serena West
Principal Advisor

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