Human capital is the most valuable asset most businesses have, and yet our focus normally turns to the protection of our physical assets.

Businesses thrive as a result of the hard work and ingenuity of their founders and owners, yet we rarely place the right value on the important human capital we have in our business.

  • How would your business cope with lack of leadership, operational disruption and reduced earnings?
  • How would it deal with nervous creditors?
  • Can ownership of the business be transferred in an orderly way to continuing business partners?

The establishment of the right insurances for the right people in your business provides clarity, certainty and control over the future of a business and enables you to:

  • Maintain business operations.
  • Meet loan obligations.
  • Secure your assets.
  • Provide choices for business partners and your family.
  • Minimise potential for conflict and financial stress.
Key Person risks
Funds to assist a business to continue operating while a key person is replaced or recovering from a major illness.
Succession planning
Funds to facilitate the smooth exit of a business partner in the event of death or total and permanent disability or trauma. Provides certainty for both the exiting party and the continuing party.
Debt facility protection
Funds to ease debt for a business when there is a change in ownership or key people.

Our Work Together

Our work together will enable you to:

  • Identify your areas of exposure;
  • Quantify funding shortfalls; and,
  • Understand the full range of solutions.

From this information you will be in a position to make an informed judgement as to the level of risk you are prepared to carry personally, and the level that you wish to have managed externally.  This is all part of the plan design process and this preliminary report is designed to assist and stimulate thought in this regard.

Underwriter Selection

By appointing Capital Partners Risk Insurance advisers to assist in the underwriter selection process, you will benefit from our continuous efforts in the research of the products and premiums of the major “leading edge” underwriters.  Price will be an important consideration, but not as critical as the definitions by which the various underwriters are bound to pay their claims.  Over some 15 years of continuous research, we have developed the skills, and accumulated the necessary data to enable us to compare policies down to the finest detail.

Because we make it our business to know the risk management market, and the products on offer, we believe that Capital Partners can play a significant role in the process of your underwriter selection, as well as play an important part in the on-going review of your arrangements.

Please contact Serena West to arrange a confidential discussion.

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