Case Studies

Every case that we work on is personal. Regardless of the purpose or structure of your personal arrangement, the impact when called upon at claim day is powerful.

In the course of our work we encounter real claims that have significant impact on the claimants family.  Each of our case studies is an authentic representation of a client’s actual position with only names changes to protect privacy.

Case Study 1: The Gift of Life

Johanna and her husband had taken advice from Capital Partners around their Legacy Planning, which included a thorough review of their estate plan and their personal risk insurances. Like most young people, the wills and the insurance policies went straight to be bottom drawer, with the passing thought of, “it’ll never happen to us anyway!”

That was until Johanna suffered a cardiac arrest at home watching TV. Unlike a heart attack which is caused by a blockage, a cardiac arrest occurs when the electricity to the heart just stops. Johanna was very lucky to survive.

Client Testimonial J Beaver

Case Study 2: Underwriting Success

This is a story of persistence and belief, a demonstration that the only thing that mattered was getting the right outcome for our Client.

We met Greg met several years ago and we agreed that his family needed cover for certain events as he was the main breadwinner. We had some ‘back and forth’ but soon agreed on the right types and levels of cover to suit his needs.

So we set to work applying for the coverage.  Greg's medical history wasn't particularly significant, but he had reached the age we all reach where general wear and tear has taken its toll.  When his medical results were given to the insurer his blood tests indicated  levels that caused concern for the underwriter.  Greg had a choice.  He could either accept a policy with a ‘health loading’, which meant he paid a higher price for perceived poor health, or he could get healthier!  He accepted the policy loading because his family needed the cover but we were determined to get him cover at standard rates.

We mapped out a strategy where Greg would go on a very strict diet. Of course he was the butt of the ‘you can eat air and water’ jokes, but to his credit he stuck to the plan, lost weight and resubmitted himself to further tests.

The repeat tests didn't show any real improvement so Greg continued with the discipline despite a rigorous domestic and international travel commitment.       As part of the deal we had put to the insurer, they agreed that if we could prove Greg was healthy, they would refund the additional premiums he was paying. This was quite an agreement and one worth fighting for.

Ultimately Greg’s blood results and ultrasound tests returned to normal and Greg was given the cover at normal rates.  Not only that, he was fully refunded the excess premiums he had paid which was a meaningful refund.

Greg was thrilled, we were thrilled, and a ‘journey’ that had taken us approximately twelve months had resulted in an outstanding result for our Client.

So what’s the moral of the story?

We will leave no stone unturned to get you the very best terms and conditions we can, so that you have peace of mind that your family and business interests are properly covered under the fairest possible terms.

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