Portfolio management without the speculation

Our robust asset-class approach to investment and portfolio planning and management is based on the science of capital markets and portfolio diversification, not the fickle art of speculation.

Drawing on decades of research and Nobel Prize winning thinking from leading academics, it’s an approach that enables us to modulate risk and reward to suit your values, risk parameters and goals.

Rather than trying to out-guess the market, we make it work for you – consistently and cost effectively – with an individually managed and optimised investment portfolio and account.

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Portfolio Management

Take the stress out of portfolio management

Our team takes away the day-to-day burden of managing your financial planning and investment portfolio and gives you greater clarity, certainty and confidence for the future.

Working with our trusted research and implementation partners, our Investment Committee leverages a formidable global trading-desk network and institutional pricing to manage investment strategies and tailored investment portfolios that meet our rigorous standards and your objectives.

The result: consistent performance driven by philosophy, evidence, process and execution.

Optimise your portfolio

Personalise and optimise portfolio management

Talk to our portfolio planning and management specialists to find out more about our evidence-based, goals-focused, asset-class approach to investing and how we’ll tailor a strategy to suit you.