John Ryan

Principal | Wealth Adviser
CA, BEcon, AFP, DipFS


Direct. +61 8 6163 6157
Mobile. +61 421 945 460

I started my financial life with one of the Big Four accounting firms working as a Chartered Accountant in an economics role. Sounds fun right!

I enjoyed the challenge of working in that environment, backing up ideas with rigorous scenario testing and a report as thick as my arm, however, at the end of the day I was working in a team to fix problems for multinational companies. I was able to ignore the feeling for a little while, but it just wasn’t my passion.

I was first exposed to the world of personal financial services a number of years ago when my wife became ill, treatment and recovery meant she spent about a year out of the work force. It was her income protection insurance that allowed life to continue as normal that year – simple financial planning, although it was unconscious and unplanned, had seriously added value to our lives. It made me think, if that was what simple planning was able to achieve, imagine what could be possible with more focused personal advice. That was the start of my rather rapid transition into financial planning. I guess you could say I found something that I was passionate about.

Being used to high ethical standards and fee for service arrangements, Capital Partners was the logical choice for me. I bring the same logic and thought structure developed to help larger business, but apply it at a personal level, helping successful individuals and family groups achieve their goals. So much more rewarding!

The fiduciary responsibility that comes with helping others with their finances is not something I take lightly, as the trust placed in me by my clients is the foundation of a very special relationship; allowing me to work to separate the background noise in people’s lives from their goals so that they can focus on what really matters. Living!

Education and Associations

  • Member – Institute Chartered Accountants Australia
  • Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Diploma Financial Services
  • Associate Degree Social Science
  • Member – Financial Planning Association of Australia
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