You need to talk about family estate planning

At Capital Partners, we provide whole-of-life financial planning and wealth management advice, so you can live your best life. And family legacy and estate planning is a key part of that commitment.

After all, how can you enjoy your family today if you haven’t got a plan for your family’s future?

It isn’t enough to simply make a will. True peace of mind only comes with an estate plan that covers every contingency – a comprehensive legal guidebook for the protection and distribution of your assets.

Protect your loved ones

Insurance matters, too
Insurance is also a vital part of the family estate and legacy planning conversation. Learn more about insurance planning.
Insurance Planning

Give to Charity

A charitable legacy
Many people want to leave a legacy beyond their family. Learn about estate plans that include giving to charity.
Give to charity

Business Succession

Business legacy planning
If you have business interests, it’s important to factor succession planning into your estate plan.
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Estate Planning

Effective estate planning starts with a family conversation

While estate planning and wills, trusts and powers of attorney can be complex, we can simplify and take care of it all, ensuring everyone and everything is factored into your estate plan.

And like all the best financial life solutions, it starts with a conversation with you, along with your family – the only way to avoid misunderstandings and conflict down the track.

We’ll lead you through the conversation, which will include issues like health directives and attorney and guardianship powers. Then, we’ll ensure your plan is documented by a suitably qualified lawyer, so you can get on with enjoying life knowing your plan will be executed according to your wishes.

Estate Planning

Talk to our family estate planning and trust advisers

We leave no stone unturned in our quest to enable you to live your best life. So, don’t leave the future to chance. Arrange a no-obligation conversation with our estate planning advisers and put your mind at ease.