Charmaine Lamprecht

Principal | Chief Operating Officer

What do you enjoy most about wealth management?

I love that we make a real impact on our client’s lives. We take their hopes, dreams and goals and with some discipline and determination, together we can make it happen.

What’s the biggest challenge?

Working out a way to do it all! If I can see a solution or a way to improve our operations then I want to do it, and do it now. Everything that makes us more effective leads to a positive result for our clients.

What do you love most about being part of Capital Partners?

I feel completely humbled and grateful to be surrounded by an incredible group of people. They challenge me every day and teach me more about myself. They drive me to do more and be more.

What quality of yours makes you suited to what you do?

I’m committed to achieving results: for our clients; for the team and for myself; it’s important for me to feel that I’ve made a difference every day.

How should people think about their wealth?

As a means to an end; a sound financial strategy will ensure that you are free to live your life and enjoy all the things you love.

What do you love to do outside of work?

I love to travel and I’m passionate about wildlife conservation. I want to ensure that 20 years from now you can still see Lions in the wild. I also volunteer at The Perth Zoo and their purpose is to inspire and act for wildlife conservation, and I feel grateful to be a part of this.

What does your ideal holiday look like?

Adventure and contribution! Anything from working with wildlife in Africa to teaching English in Nepal, there’s lots of opportunities to help.

Education and Associations

Diploma of Property Services

Diploma of Sales and Marketing

Cert IV in Business Administration

Manage People Performance

Management and Situational Leadership