The power
of peace of mind

Everything we do at Capital Partners is designed – with you, for you – to ensure you live your best life. Managing and mitigating risk and providing peace of mind is a big part of that.

How can you enjoy life if you’re fretting about the future?

And so, we apply the same logical, personal, evidence-based ethos to risk and insurance as we do to every area of financial planning. We demystify. We discuss. We decipher. And we actively ensure you have the policies you need to stop worrying and start enjoying the lifestyle you want to protect.

Protect your loved ones

Life and family insurance

When you take the what-if uncertainty out of life, you can focus on enjoying the here and now with your loved ones, safe in the knowledge they’ll be OK, whatever happens. Life and family insurance offers peace of mind.

Protect your business

Business risk and insurance

Are all of your assets insured properly? What about the most valuable asset: you and your people? Get insurance and a plan to cover every succession scenario, then get on with business.

The right price and cover starts with the right underwriter

Our risk and insurance specialists are continually researching underwriters, products and premiums.

This means we can cut through the jargon and fine print to help you make the right choice, not just based on price, but on which underwriters and products will be easier to work with in a worst-case scenario. Insurance is about alleviating emotional stress, as well as financial stress.

Let's talk

Talk to our risk and insurance specialists

At Capital Partners, insurance is about providing the clarity and certainty you need to enjoy your best life. So, tell us about who and what is important to you, and we’ll tell you how to protect it.