Free yourself up to focus on business

Uncertainty isn’t good for business. That’s why, instead of simply finding and negotiating the best business insurance cover, our insurance and risk advisers look at the big picture.

We work with you to ensure your you, your business – including partners, stakeholders, creditors and shareholders – and your family have a plan and peace of mind during a succession event.

Keyman insurance
Funds to help your business continue if a key person is replaced or recovering from a major illness.
Succession planning
A plan and funds ensuring a smooth transition during a business succession event.
More planning
Debt facility protection
Funds to ease debt for your business when there’s a change in ownership or key people.
Start planning

Every factor, every permutation

Drawing on our team’s business risk and succession planning experience, we’ll work with you to identify risk, quantify funding shortfalls and explore a full range of solutions. We’ll then document everything in your tailored report, so you can make informed business risk and insurance decisions.

It’s a logical, evidence-based approach that ensures you have complete control, clarity and certainty, leaving you free to focus on business, safe in the knowledge your business partners, assets and stakeholders are protected, whatever happens in the future.

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Find out more about the best way for you and your business to manage and mitigate human-capital risk and create a robust succession plan, with all the clarity, certainty and cover you need to move forward with confidence.