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money happiness

The Link Between Money and Happiness

Money can buy us things and experiences we enjoy, but does it add to our happiness?

Six Steps Part

The Six Steps to Successful Investing

A 6-part series looking at the six key factors that will help you become a better investor and enjoy greater success with less stress, leaving you to focus on more important things in life.

Passive Investing Theory Part 2

Passive Investing Theory: A four part series

A four-part series on the intellectual foundations of the passive approach to investing. This content was created by our friends at sensibleinvesting.tv


Stock Market History: A crash course for investors

An 8-part series looking at the lessons we can learn from the history of the stock market. This content was created by our friends at sensibleinvesting.tv


Understanding the power of markets

This video will help you understand markets for what they are, a massive information processing machine. We shouldn't try to beat the market or predict its next move.


Prof. Eugene Fama – on modern finance

Prof. Eugene Fama is widely acknowledged as the ‘father of modern finance' and his work has had a remarkable impact on our understanding of how financial markets work.


Managing your investment risk

In this video Professor Michael Drew explains the balancing act between the risk you take and achieving your investment goals.

know yourself web

Investors need to know themselves

The media says successful investing is all about picking the right products.  But there is a bigger factor!

popular web

Are index funds becoming too popular?

Are we heading for an indexing bubble? And if so should investors should be worried?

The Damning Evidence

A leading authority on mutual fund performance has found only a tiny proportion of actively managed funds succeed in beating their benchmarks over time.


Brexit and Trump | What can you learn?

Two big political events in 2016 shook the world. What can investors learn from these events?

polical storm web

How should investors respond to political uncertainty?

Some great advice for investors in these times of political uncertainty and market volatility.

risk web

Which risk factors are most important?

There’s evidence to show that by exposing portfolios to specific risk factors, investors can beat the market over the long term.

No-one can time the market consistently

No one can successfully beat the market with any degree of consistency. This video explores the difficulty of market timing.

retirment savings advice

Professional advice and planning for retirement

There are times in our lives when professional advice is essential - one of those times is when we come to planning for our retirement.

Couples investing thumb

Why couples need to talk about investing

Many affluent couples share their financial decisions; however do they both decide how their money is invested? 


Do actively managed funds beat the market?

This video compares actively managed funds with low cost index funds, with input from Professor Keith Cuthbertson.

diversification video

Diversification - the only free lunch in investing

Investment Author Lars Kroijer explains the benefits of investment diversification.

best time to invest

Best time to invest (1927-2014)

See how $1 invested in the U.S. Total Stock Market grew over the last nine decades, as well as what was in the headlines in Time Magazine. We thank our friends at Loring Ward for this content.


PERMA formula for retirement happiness

Retirement expert Barry LaValley discusses the PERMA formula for retirement happiness.

Are You at Risk of Running out of Money?

Managing investment risk is important at every stage, but especially so in retirement.

stress and investing

Don’t make investment decisions when stressed

In this video Dr. Ed Roberts discusses the relationship between stress and investing behaviour.


How significant are investment fees and charges?

Investment Author Lars Kroijer explains to viewers the long term effect of investment fees and charges.


Are investors prone to act like gamblers?

Most people would agree that it’s not a good idea to gamble with your life savings – however trading in the stock market can generate similar emotions to those evoked by going to the casino.


Should stock investors move between industries?

We often hear about emerging industries that seem to offer exciting opportunities for investors, but how wise is it to invest heavily in these sorts of areas?

lower returns

Can we expect lower returns in the future?

Several prominent voices have warned that investors should expect lower returns in the future. If this is true, what can you do about it?


You need an adviser not a salesman

One of the problems with finding a good financial adviser is that many advisers are actually glorified salespeople. It might sound obvious, but that’s not what you need.


Is it luck or skill?

One of the problems with identifying a good fund manager is distinguishing between skill and luck.

robo advice

The rise of Robo Advice services

On line Robo Advice services offer lots of incentives to users - they are low cost, easy to use and promise user control. However are they sufficient in assessing an investors risk tolerance?

etfs explained

What are ETFs and why are they popular?

Hector McNeil of WisdomTree explains the ins and outs of Exchange Traded Funds.


Bad financial behaviour can be expensive!

Why is it important for investors to have at least a basic grasp of behavioural finance? The answer’s simple. Bad behaviour is extremely expensive.


How can you find the right adviser?

With so many financial advisers to choose from, finding the one who’s right for you is quite a challenge. Here are some tips to help you.

financial planning lifelong

Financial planning is a lifelong process

Financial planning isn't something you can do once in your life and then forget all about it, it’s a lifelong process.


Can you control the way you behave?

Is there anything investors can do to protect themselves from their own emotional biases?


What is SPIVA?

This video explains SPIVA - where does the data used to generate the scorecards come from and what does it tell investors?


Persistent outperformance is rare

If a fund has performed well in the past, is that an indication it will do so in the future?

style drift

Don’t be fooled by Style Drift

This video explains the concept of 'style drift' with commentary from Allan Miller of the True and Fair Campaign.


Should investors sit on their hands?

Investors see and hear stories in the media about markets falling or rising sharply, and we’re tempted to act on impulse. But should we...?


How should investors diversify their portfolios?

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from many years of portfolio construction is that diversifying your investments is a very good idea!


Investment tips from an industry insider

What is the most important piece of advice for ordinary investors?  David Pitt-Watson/ London Business School discusses his top tips.


Are collectibles a valuable investment?

Many people enjoy collecting art, wine and other items of value - but does collecting make sense from an investment point of view?


How fund managers time advertising content

Fund Management company’s time their advertising content very carefully. This video explains this phenomenon - commonly referred to as the horizon effect – and what it means for investors.


Are there too many active fund managers?

Investment consultant Charles Ellis discusses the history of fund management and how the role fund of managers has changed over time.

survivorship Bias

What is Survivorship Bias?

Craig Lazzara from S & P Dowe Jones Indices explains Survivorship Bias and what it means for active fund performance.


Why you need a financial plan

What is a financial plan? And what are the the three main risks of not having one?


Can fund managers pick future winners?

Can fund managers spot talent in each other, and perhaps benefit by copying what talented managers do?

crash correct

How to respond to crashes and corrections?

Throughout stock market history, there have always been crashes and corrections, and it’s also the time investors tend to make their biggest mistakes.


Availability bias - will it ruin your investments?

There’s a whole range of biases that can cause us to make poor investment decisions. One of the most common is called availability bias.

dream wolrd web

How to choose a financial adviser?

This video discusses the most important qualities to look for in a financial adviser.

avoide web

Are new funds best avoided by investors?

When a fund management company launches a new fund, it often does so to a big fanfare. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to invest in them.

long term

What can we learn from long term data?

What can we learn from long-term market data such as the Global Investment Returns Yearbook published by Credit Suisse?

profit loss risk web

Are investors reluctant to realise their losses?

Studies have repeatedly shown how active investors consistently underperform the market. Costs play a big part, and so does behaviour.

investing web

How to succeed at factor based investing

We’ve been hearing a great deal lately about factor-based investing, So, what exactly does it mean?

Barry LaValley

Life After Work - Are You Ready?

We recently invited global retirement expert Barry LaValley to deliver his engaging presentation on retirement.

Why is social media bad for your wealth?

Social media can hold particular dangers for investors. It pays to be be aware!

The Benefits of a Good Advice

Financial planner and author Jason Butler discusses the benefits of good financial advice.

Excited Child

Is investing supposed to be fun?

Why do the financial media like to make investing seem so exciting?


What does it mean to be CEFEX-certified?

 Carlos Panksep, Managing Director of CEFEX explains what  it means for an advisory firm to be CEFEX-certified?

costs web

Controlling Investment Costs

Nir Kaissar explains why controlling investment  costs is so important.

alpha web

Where did all the Alpha go?

The investing industry often talks about alpha. So, what is Alpha and where did it go?

round dice web

The paradox of skill

In any human activity, including investing, success is partly a factor of skill and partly a factor of luck.

The economy is not the stock market

One of the most common misconceptions about investing is that the economy and the stock market are perfectly correlated.


Can you avoid making costly mistakes?

How can the average investor avoid making potentially costly mistakes?

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