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Do experiences trump possessions?

Overconfidence can be dangerous for investors

Should investors buy cryptocurrencies?

Advice on diversification from a Nobel Laureate

What can investors learn from academia?

David Andrew Discusses The Royal Commission

Index funds explained

Capital Partners | Collaborative Practice

What to expect from a financial adviser

Why is it important to be globally diversified?

How a Wall Street broker changed his ways!

There should be far more billionaires today!

Does Sustainable Investing Reduce Returns?

Life at Capital Partners

The Link Between Money and Happiness

The economy is not the stock market

The paradox of skill

Where did all the Alpha go?

Can you avoid making costly mistakes?

Is investing supposed to be fun?

ADA(WA) | Barry LaValley

Controlling Investment Costs

The Benefits of a Good Advice

What does it mean to be CEFEX-certified?

The Royal Commission and You

Life After Work | With Barry LaValley

Why is social media bad for your wealth?

17/18 Portfolio Review Report

How to succeed at factor based investing

What can we learn from long term data?

Are new funds best avoided?

Active Fund Performance | The Damning Evidence

Are index funds becoming too popular?

Are investors reluctant to realise their losses?

Which risk factors are most important?

How should investors respond to political uncertainty?

Brexit and Trump | What can you learn ?

Investors need to know themselves

Retirement Workshop | Barry LaValley

How to choose a financial adviser?

Availability bias – will it ruin your investments?

Can fund managers pick future winners?

How to respond to crashes and corrections?

Why you need a financial plan

Is it luck or skill?

Investment tips from an industry insider

How should investors diversify their portfolios?

How to find the right financial adviser

Persistent outperformance is rare

Can you control the way you behave?

David Andrew | WA Leaders Event | Wealth with Purpose

Active or passive?

Should investors sit on their hands?

Are you at risk of running out of money?

Financial Planning Is A Lifelong Process

What Is SPIVA And What Does It Tell Us?

Quarterly Investment Update March 2016

What Are ETFs And Why Are They Popular?

Diversification – The Only Free Lunch In Investing

Bad Financial Behaviour Can Be Expensive!

The Rise of Robo Advice Services

Is Professional Advice Important When Planning For Retirement?

Quarterly Investment Update December 2015

Can We Expect Lower Returns In The Future

You Need An Adviser Not A Salesman

Should Stock Investors Move Between Industries

Don’t Be Fooled By Style Drift

What is Survivorship Bias?

Best Time To Invest

No-one can Time the Market Consistently

Don’t make investment decisions when you’re stressed

Are collectibles a valuable investment?

PERMA Formula for Retirement Happiness

Quarterly Investment Updates

Quarterly Investment Update September 2015

The Risks Worth Taking

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Seeking a Second Opinion?

The Client Experience

Client Experience Jim Ord

Client Experience Johanna Beaver

Top 5 Money Concerns for Successful People

Building The Optimum Portfolio

Managing Investment Risk

Managing Investment Risk

How significant are investment fees and charges over the long term?

How Fund Managers Time their Advertising to Make Returns Look Good

Investors are prone to act like gamblers

Do actively managed funds beat the market?

Are there too many active fund managers?

What proportion of actively managed funds consistently beat the market?

Research shows that investors are prone to act like gamblers

How Fund Managers Time their Advertising to Make Returns Look Good

How significant are investment fees and charges over the long term?

Are there too many active fund managers for their own good?

Why Couples Need to Talk About Investing

Why Couples Need to Talk About Investing

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The Power of Markets

Eugene Fama

The Power of Markets

Modern Finance

Stock Market History: Part 8

Stock Market History: Part 7

Stock Market History: Part 6

Stock Market History: Part 5

Stock Market History: Part 4

Stock Market History: Part 3

Stock Market History: Part 2

Stock Market History: Part 1

Stock Market History

Passive Investing Theory

Portfolio Theory: Part 4

Market Efficiency: Part 3

The Random Walk: Part 2

Investing vs Speculating: Part 1

Stay Balanced: Part 6

Be A Disciplined Investor: Part 5

Spread Your Risk: Part 4

Control Your Costs: Part 3

Six Steps

Beware of Market Gurus: Part 2

Accept The Price: Part 1

Client Testimonial | Dirk Collins

Client Experience | Mark Hill

Client Experience | Kym Kerr

Client Experience | Robert Root

Client Experience | Scott Lieschke

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