Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019

It seems that 2019 has started in a purposeful way for many people. Often in January it is hard to find anyone back at work before the Australia Day weekend – but this year we have started back with a bang.

We’re all looking forward to a year of personal and professional growth, and one where we help our clients solve problems and achieve goals.  Last year was an amazing … more

When Markets Wobble

By David Andrew

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your juicy long-term share market returns were completely risk free? Well anyone reading the Australian Newspaper last week would have been shocked out of their armchairs thinking the world had come to an end… for financial markets at least.

After an extended period of relative calm on financial markets, recent days have seen … more

1987 Stock Market Crash – 30 Years On

By David Andrew

David Andrew

From time to time, share markets deliver a shock that few investors expect or know how to cope with. Most recently it was the global financial crisis, before that the tech wreck in 2000, and 30 years ago the ’87 stock market crash.

What made 1987 so memorable for me was that it was the year I started work in the financial services industry. No sooner had … more

Planning to Give?

By David Andrew

David Andrew

In our quest to live meaningful and purposeful lives, the act of giving to others creates a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that cannot be experienced in many other ways.

Over the years, I have observed that most of the successful people I have worked with have regarded giving as core to their sense of community and contribution.



“As you get older you will discover you


Are You on the Path to Financial Success?

By David Andrew

David Andrew

In all the years I have been advising clients the biggest indicator of financial success has been a family’s ability to live within their means. Sometimes people make a fortune on a particular stock or the sale of their business, but most wealth is accumulated methodically, and over time. In my experience, lack of planning and overspending are the most common causes of financial plans being derailed.… more

The Challenges We Face

By David Andrew

David Andrew

“Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it.” Amit Ray

One of the biggest challenges we face today is the vast amount of financial information available to us. Every day we are bombarded with information from the press, social media and television. What’s more, much of it is conflicting! Chances are, you too find it difficult to make sense of your … more

Staff Spotlight

Damon Sugden | Private Client Adviser

Damon Sugden square

It is always interesting to hear how someone came to work in the financial services industry, and Damon Sugden has a great story!

As a young child Damon was encouraged to take up dancing by his mother, a professional dancer. This encouragement led to a firm commitment to ballroom dance as a passion and career, a career which introduced him to his wife and … more

Titanic in the Sky – Lessons from QF 32

By Rakesh Shah

The passengers looked troubled, but the Captain’s voice over the aircraft’s PA system was calm and reassuring. The voice was that of Qantas Captain Richard de Crespigny, and I was watching the documentary QF32 – Titanic in the Sky.

For those who have not seen this documentary – QF32 is the story of how one of Qantas’ brand new A380’s had a very close brush with … more

Smart Investor – April 2017

Research, Trends, Topics and Asset Class Returns for Long-term Investors.

Active vs Passive debate continues to rage – what’s next?


If our clients are anything to go by, we suspect most investors could not really give a damn about the active v’s passive debate in the investment industry.  But they do care about achieving their goals, and about creating certainty and security.

This is where the active v’s passive more

Brexit Countdown Begins

By David Andrew

David Andrew

As the UK parliament prepares to trigger Article 50, the long and potentially arduous process of unwinding the UK’s Euro membership begins.  In effect, Article 50 sets off the discussions with Europe over the terms of the future relationship between the parties.

While the notification alone is unlikely to trigger any market reaction, there is no doubt that market participants will be on edge as the process … more

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