Only Human

Only Human

By Damon Sugden

Damon Sugden

In a perfect world, we would all make rational decisions when it comes to money, where every move is carefully analysed and underpinned by a clear understanding of what we want to achieve and what is required to get there. However, decisions are often clouded by emotions, biases and the ever-present hum of media noise.

The study of Behavioural Finance delves into the irrational side of financial … more

Staff Spotlight

Damon Sugden | Private Client Adviser

Damon Sugden square

It is always interesting to hear how someone came to work in the financial services industry, and Damon Sugden has a great story!

As a young child Damon was encouraged to take up dancing by his mother, a professional dancer. This encouragement led to a firm commitment to ballroom dance as a passion and career, a career which introduced him to his wife and … more

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