Buffett Wins 10-Year Hedge Fund Bet

Buffett Wins 10-Year Hedge Fund Bet

By David Andrew

David Andrew

In December 2007 the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, made a $1 million bet that an S&P 500 index fund would beat 10 hedge funds, net of fees, over 10 years.

At the time there wasn’t an immediate rush of hedge fund managers taking up the offer until Ted Seides of Protégé Partners stepped forward to take the bait.  A confident Mr Seides was quoted as saying, … more

Smart Investor | August 2017

Research, Trends, Topics and Asset Class Returns for Long-term Investors.

 The Power of Investment Discipline – A Case Study

 With the White House and Pyongyang ratcheting up their war-posturing rhetoric, it is inevitable that at some point, financial markets around the world will respond with a meaningful sell-off.

All experienced investors know that financial markets hate uncertainty, and as the uncertainty heightens, something will give. They also know the exact … more

Titanic in the Sky – Lessons from QF 32

By Rakesh Shah

The passengers looked troubled, but the Captain’s voice over the aircraft’s PA system was calm and reassuring. The voice was that of Qantas Captain Richard de Crespigny, and I was watching the documentary QF32 – Titanic in the Sky.

For those who have not seen this documentary – QF32 is the story of how one of Qantas’ brand new A380’s had a very close brush with … more

Presidential elections and the stock market

Next month, Americans will head to the polls to elect the next president of the United States. While the outcome is unknown, one thing is for certain: there will be a steady stream of opinions from pundits and prognosticators about how the election will impact the stock market. … more

How much is enough?

By David Andrew

David Andrew

If you do a Google search for ‘how much is enough in retirement’ you will get almost 85 million results.  So if you’ve been wondering how much is enough for your retirement, you’re not alone.  The answer will depend on your circumstances and expectations.… more

How healthy is your portfolio?

By Rakesh Shah

Rakesh Shah

We all understand that a healthy mind and body needs good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate rest. Good, deep sleep enables the body to rejuvenate and recover from the stress and strain of our daily activities.

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Pokémon Investing

By Jim Parker – Guest Contributor

Have you noticed the surge recently in people wandering aimlessly and staring at their smartphones? Chances are they’re playing Pokémon GO, the latest craze. It’s an activity eerily close to how some folk see investing. … more

What’s your plan?

By David Andrew

David Andrew

Most businesses have a strategic plan and it is the quality of the plan and the way it is implemented that guides the organisation’s success.  To that end, businesses invest vast amounts of time and resources in getting their planning and implementation right. So why do so few individuals and families have a strategic plan to guide their financial prosperity?

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SmartInvestor – July 2016

Research, Trends, Topics and Asset Class Returns for Long-term Investors.

What’s the Risk of Portfolio Ruin?

In a follow up to the article we published about the Brexit referendum result we thought it might be useful for this issue of Smart Investor to focus on the options available to investors dealing with market uncertainty.  In our Brexit article we cautioned against reacting to the news headlines, and in the days … more

Go East Young Man!

The financial crisis and subsequent developed world recession have overshadowed changes in the developing world that have implications for investors everywhere.

These changes–detailed in a landmark new Australian government report on Asia’s economic rise–reveal an historic transformation which has shifted the axis of global economic activity and which is creating a huge new middle class.

The report is full of eye-popping statistics. For instance, in the past 20 years, China … more

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