Rainy Day Investing

Rainy Day Investing

By Jim Parker – Guest Contributor

rainy day copyAustralia, earth’s driest continent, experienced national rainfall in 2017 that was 8 per cent above the historical average. The year was the 30th wettest on record, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.1 But the story is more complicated than that.

While rainfall on a national basis was much higher than normal, the downfalls were concentrated in the west of the country. In much … more

How do you get from A to B?

Smart Investor – March 2017

Research, Trends, Topics and Asset Class Returns for Long-term Investors.

By Song Goh

Song Goh

What is your primary consideration when shopping for a car?

If I could indulge in my fantasy world where money was no object, I would own my dream car, the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Coupe that starts in excess of $400,000 for the base model. From the options menu, I’d pick the Nero … more

Thinking small

By Jim Parker – Guest Contributor

Every night on the finance news, you’ll hear about the ups and downs of household name stocks, like the big four banks, Telstra, CSL, Wesfarmers, Woolworths, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. But the market is more than that handful of names.… more

Iron Ore ‘Hot’ Stocks – Not So Hot!

By David Andrew

David Andrew

The media often locks in on a ‘hot’ sector.  In the 1990’s it was technology and by 2005  it was the mining sector in Australia.  Hot sectors make great headlines and sell magazines, but how well does following ‘hot’ sectors work for investors?

A reason that journalists focus on particular industries or sectors is that these stories fit into a chosen … more

MasterChef of Investing

By Jim Parker, Guest Contributor

In the popular TV program MasterChef, contestants face a series of cooking challenges. From low quality ingredients to inadequate preparation to poor implementation, so many things can, and do, go wrong. It’s a bit like investing.

In the world of investment, there customarily are two broad approaches. The first of these is a traditionally active one where managers attempt … more

The World Cup of Investing

By Jim Parker, Guest Contributor

Its finals time in the World Cup and what a wonderful event it is with teams from all over the world. When you think about Ireland, cricket is not the first sport that springs to mind. Yet in the 2007 World Cup, the Irish defeated highly rated Pakistan, on St Patrick’s Day no less. Picking the best countries to … more

Practice Smart Diversification

By David Andrew

One thing you can do as an investor is to spread the risks you take across different types of assets. This protects your portfolio against the influence of random forces and gives you a less bumpy ride. It’s called diversification.

Investing without diversifying is like going outside without an umbrella. If you are prepared only for sunny days, you expose yourself … more

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