Value vs Cost

Value vs Cost

By John Ryan

Everyone in Western Australia knows John Hughes. It is hard not to like a guy who built an empire from the ground up! From walking the Terrace in the 1970’s with briefcase in hand to convince the banks to lend him some money for his first car yard; to now having sold over 900,000 cars and still managing over 500 staff at age 82. Incredible!

In a … more

Fairness, Security and Honesty? Budget 2017

By John Ryan

When watching Scott Morrison deliver the 2017 budget, I should have taken a tally on how many times the words fairness, security and honesty were mentioned. This is the context that the government wanted to present this budget – to let Australians know that it is committed to living within its means.

With this in mind, debt funded projects are now being framed in terms of good … more

Super rules have changed

By John Ryan

In recent changes to the proposed superannuation reforms (initial changes proposed in the May Federal Budget, then updated on 15 September), the Turnbull Government have again framed the discussion by sighting the primary objective of the superannuation system is “to provide income in retirement to substitute or supplement the Age Pension”. … more

The 2016/17 Federal Budget Summary

By John Ryan

In an election year we were probably hoping for too much if we were expecting a truly reformist budget designed to fix the nation’s spending problems. After last night’s budget our long-term financial challenges remain firmly entrenched. … more

Being Australian – a land of opportunity

By John Ryan

With Australia Day fever in the air the biggest decision many of us have is whether we take the Monday off to make it a four day weekend?… more

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