FPA Awards 2017: Stamp of quality

FPA Awards 2017: Stamp of quality

February 2018 | Money & Lifemore

FPA Names Annual Award Winners

November 2017 | RiskInfomore

FPA Awards: Capital Partners wins big

November 2017 | Professional Plannermore

Perth planner named Professional Planner of the Year

November 2017 | Financial Standardmore

Is there a Free Lunch to Investing?

By Michael Hayward

Michael Hayward

Yes! And to earn it you have to be deliberate with the implementation of your investment approach.

When we’re asked to review and provide a second opinion on someone’s existing investment portfolio, we quite often see a strategy that relies on owning a few individual equities or holding an actively managed fund which promotes being able to pick stocks and beat-the-market.

The problem with this is that … more

Planning for retirement – do you have enough?

By Michael Hayward

Michael Hayward

A common query that comes across my desk is “do I have enough to retire?”

Of course, the answer to that question is very much dependent on your answers to a host of other questions.



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Capital Partners staff spotlight

Michael Hayward | Private Client Adviser

Michael HaywardOriginally from Busselton, Michael moved to Perth to study economics at UWA. Following university he started with Capital Partners, and has been with the company through many changes during the last eleven years. Michael also continued to study after university,  and received the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 2012.

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Is there a magic number for retirement savings?

By Michael Hayward

Michael Hayward

At some point most people find themselves contemplating how much they will need to retire, and a quick Google search will give you a host of different answers and ways to figure out that illusive “magic number”.

Of course we know this number will be different taking into account the age you retire, what type of lifestyle you want, and your future health, but is there an … more

The Great Seduction

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By Michael Hayward

Australians have an incredibly short-term focus – especially when it comes to their finances. A staggering 7.7 million of us have credit cards. The national credit card debt sits at $34 billion, or an average of $4389 per credit card holder according to ASIC.

Credit is seducing Australians with the promise of having everything they want when they want it, to … more

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