Are you living within your means?

Are you living within your means?

By David Andrew

David Andrew

I remember as a kid regularly overhearing the conversation between Mum and Dad as to who was going to withdraw cash from the bank teller before the bank closed at four o’clock on Friday afternoon.

On occasion we’d get caught short and on Saturday morning I would accompany Dad as he cashed a cheque with one of his friends who was the local pharmacist. The banking system … more

Is there a magic number for retirement savings?

By Michael Hayward

Michael Hayward

At some point most people find themselves contemplating how much they will need to retire, and a quick Google search will give you a host of different answers and ways to figure out that illusive “magic number”.

Of course we know this number will be different taking into account the age you retire, what type of lifestyle you want, and your future health, but is there an … more

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