What is it with Cryptocurrency?

What is it with Cryptocurrency?

By Song Zhen Goh

Song Goh

What do Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin have in common?  The last one gives the game away as Bitcoin is the best known of the cryptocurrencies gaining popularity around the world.

What’s incredible is that as at 30 September, these alternative “currencies” have appreciated in value by 3296%, 1013%, 2691% and 292% respectively since the start of 2017. Comparatively, all of them have comfortably beaten the … more

Resisting the Impulse

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By Song Goh

We’ve all heard this one at some point in our lives: A penny saved is a penny earned.

Some of us have heard variations of this. I used to be subject to my parents’ well-nigh religious rant that went along the lines of “Start saving your money, boy!”.

My well-meaning Singaporean parents tried to explain the concept of ‘compound interest’ to … more

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