Do Your Values Drive Your Decisions?

Do Your Values Drive Your Decisions?

In the bigger scheme of things money is really not that important. Rather, it is an enabler that allows us to do the things that are important to us and make us happy. Values are the qualities and principles intrinsically valuable and desirable to you – in other words, life’s emotional pay-offs.

Our values provide our day-to-day operating context. By basing our decisions on our values we considerably increase the … more

Changing Our View of Money

Capital Partners | Press Release | February 2017

WWP coverPeople can transform their lives for the better by changing their attitudes towards money, according to one of Australia’s most respected wealth advisers.

David Andrew, founder and CEO of Perth-based Capital Partners Private Wealth, has released a new book in which he shares his insights from more than 20 years of helping people make smarter decisions with their money.

In … more

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