WWP coverIn his new book Wealth with Purpose, Capital Partners CEO David Andrew shares the insights gained from helping hundreds of successful Perth families grow, protect and share their wealth.

David’s belief that dealing with our money differently can help us live happier, more fulfilled lives, underpins each informative chapter of the book and  forms the basis of the work we do at Capital Partners. By placing you at the centre of everything we do we create long term solutions for families and individuals. Our entire team is committed to you living a full, happy and engaged life…your Ideal Life.

In the end, real success comes from having Clarity around what you want to achieve, from gaining Insight so that you can make smarter decisions, and having a Partnership with the right advisers at the right times to help deal with the challenges we all face as we progress through life.

If you would like to order a copy of  Wealth with Purpose,  please email Capital Partners.

If you would like a sneak preview…the first chapter of Wealth with Purpose is available to download here.

“The time has come for less words, more action to place clients at the heart of everything we do. I commend Wealth with Purpose to anyone seeking to learn more about starting the financial planning process with the destination in mind—an alignment of values, goals, planning and, most importantly, improved outcomes.”

Dr Michael E. Drew
Professor of Finance, Griffith University
Director, Drew, Walk & Co.


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